Summer Project – Must Renewable Energy International Hydropower 2018

22554309_10154853331590248_1257088720_nMulticonsult is a Norwegian consulting firm with international impact within engineering and consulting. Through our offices in Norway and internationally, we use 100 years of experience to create new history. For us empowering is about experience, the right skills and the right mix of competence among our more than 2.500 employees.

Multiconsult is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and operates in seven business segments: Buildings & Properties, Industry, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Renewable Energy, Water & Environment, Cities & Society.

Multiconsult Renewable Energy has approximately 300 dedicated and innovative staff with multi-disciplinary backgrounds working with national and international projects.

An exciting opportunity for a summer job where you get to use your skills in an international renewable energy project.

Multiconsult will organize an international summer project for students in renewable energy related studies in the summer of 2018.

Multiconsult is one of the largest consulting firms in Norway working with both national and international hydropower. About 50 percent of our projects are outside of Norway, mainly in southern Africa, the Himalayan region and South-East Europe. This gives younger employees an opportunity for an international career with us.

For the summer project 2018, the students will carry out a hydropower related study for a client in a country where we have projects. The team composition should be interdisciplinary in order to solve tasks related to such a study. It is expected that the students will put in significant effort during the project. The project is likely to be an integrated hydropower and water resources management project and we are looking for students with background from these two technologies.

The project is divided into the following phases:

Phase 1: Start-up period

Phase 2: Field survey and data collection

Phase 3: Preparation of final report

The students will get support from relevant experts during the project. The final delivery is required to be of a high standard. All documentation must be written in English.

Professional Qualifications:

  • Third and fourth ye­ar students within hydropower and renewable energy related studies (including structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, hydrology and hydraulics, meteorology, energy planning, geotechnical engineering, geology, environment, social sciences, economics and management)

Participants will be assigned roles within the team based on qualifications and prior experience. One of the participants will take the role as Project Manager, and applicants are asked to specify whether they are interested in taking a leadership role within the team.

Personal Qualities sought:

  • Creative and professionally engaged in their subject of study
  • Able to work independently and use their initiative
  • Enthusiasm and personal drive
  • A sense of responsibility
  • Taking pride in their work and the associated results
  • Must thrive on technical challenges
  • Strong academic results
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Team player
  • Basic Norwegian / Scandinavian language skills is an advantage

Multiconsult offers:

The summer project is paid as a standard summer job in Multiconsult and all expenses associated with the field assignment will be covered.

Applications should be written in English.

Please visit our website for information about the previous Must Renewable Energy summer projects and read testimonies from participants.

For more information about the position, please contact the coordinator of Must Renewable Energy International Hydropower 2018, Christian Almestad.


22561174_10154853331310248_1484171067_oFOTO: Jens Lillethun

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